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June 24, 2024

Why Exterior Painting is The Best Winter Protection


Exterior painting is about more than curb appeal. It is actually one of the best ways to protect your home against Medford winter! If you’ve lived here for more than a year then you’ve likely experienced the barely above-freezing rainy days that Medford winters can bring. In addition to encouraging you to bundle up for months, this harsh weather can be equally tough on your home – especially the exterior.  But with a fresh coat of paint, you can effectively shield your home from these damaging weather conditions.

Exterior painting is about more than aesthetics; it’s an important part of home maintenance that shouldn’t be overlooked. Paint acts as a barrier between your home’s external materials and the outside world, helping prevent damage and reduce costly repairs. Paint’s main benefit is keeping moisture out, reducing the risk of dampness seeping into your walls which could lead to leaks or water damage – common problems during winter months.

So let’s delve into why exterior painting is an investment worth considering before another Medford winter rolls around.

The Importance of Exterior Painting in Medford

Imagine yourself on a walk around your neighborhood in Medford, the harsh winter winds whipping at your face and any exposed skin. You’ve got your Goretx or Patagonia and are relatively unscathed by the harsh winds, except maybe your face and hands. Now picture your house: the vibrant new paint on your home’s exterior acts like a sturdy shield, repelling those icy blasts and keeping your sanctuary warm and dry. Anywhere the paint is old, peeling, or broken, it is sending those same breezes that make you uncomfortable right into the bones of your house 24 hours a day.

Paint isn’t just an aesthetic upgrade; it’s a crucial line of defense against the elements. If applied by a reputable Medford painting company, you have an unbroken line of defense around your entire house. Exposed woodwork is especially susceptible to uninvited moisture, leading to rotting, warping, or cracking over time. It’s much easier to hire a painter than it is to have eaves or studs replaced.

So let’s think about it: why gamble with the safety and longevity of your home when you could safeguard it with some well-applied paint? Exterior Painting is an investment that preserves our homes’ integrity amidst harsh weather conditions while simultaneously enhancing their value.

And remember this: it takes more than just buying cans of paint; it requires expertise from skilled professionals who understand our weather patterns and how best to protect against them for lasting results.

Shielding Your Home from Harsh Winter Conditions

Don’t let the biting cold and relentless snow damage your sanctuary; a fresh coat of paint can act as a formidable shield against harsh winter conditions. As an essential part of home maintenance, exterior painting in Medford serves to protect your home from the elements, especially during the frigid winters.

Engaging a professional house painter in Medford is crucial for this task. A reliable professional has the necessary experience and skills to ensure that the job is done correctly. They understand which types of paints are best suited to withstand Medford’s wet winters and how these should be applied for maximum protection. Moreover, they pay attention to detail, ensuring every nook and cranny is covered so that your home gets comprehensive protection.

Proper application of paint to your home (in the fall or summer) gives your home additional protection from some of the most common areas of damage in our area. Wood rot, structural destabilization, and even help prevent the buildup of snow for those days when that comes. If you are looking to keep costs down or prepping a house to be a rental, or getting it ready for a sale, you can lower your long-term repair costs and increase your asking prices if the house presents well and has strong protection from the obstacles that will inevitably hit it.

Hiring a professional like All American Trade Work can save you time and give your home amazing protection, no matter how difficult it is to paint.

Preventing Damage and Costly Repairs

You’d be surprised to learn that, according to the Motley Fool, homeowners in the U.S. spend an average of $3,100 on home maintenance each year (1) – a cost that can significantly escalate if you neglect timely preventative measures like winter-proofing your house.

That figure is an average across many years, regions, and homeowners. The simplest way that homes are way above the average of $3,100/year is when they try to go many years skipping routine maintenance in order to realize “savings”. So homeowners who skip painting their home can get caught with wood rot, moisture damage, holes, and other much more significant repairs just because they tried to stretch out their paint a few extra years. And when you do get your house painted, you’ll be amazed at how much better it will look and feel. By hiring a local painting contractor, you get that feeling of accomplishment and a fresh start without the many hours of hair-pulling stress and precarious ladder balancing.

When the paint is applied and is wet, it does not provide much water protection. However, when it dries, the polymers in the paint emulsify and create a membrane of sorts that is all connected and creates a film that repels water. The permeabilities of these membranes have been studied and mapped by some of our leading universities (2) and it has been determined that most top-of-the-line acrylic paints will do a great job protecting your home and lasting the longest.

It’s then clear how investing in exterior painting before winter hits can save you from potential damage and costly repairs later on. Not only does this proactive step improve your property’s curb appeal, but it also enhances its longevity too – making it a worthwhile investment of your time.

So don’t wait until harsh weather sets in; find a trusted local painter today who can provide expert advice tailored to your specific needs while delivering high-quality workmanship for superior home protection in the Spring or Fall months. If you don’t have a painter in Medford, give All American Trade Work a try!

Avoiding Leaks and Water Damage with Proper Exterior Maintenance

It’s surprising, but according to the Insurance Information Institute, about one in 50 insured homes has a property damage claim caused by water damage or freezing each year. Even more interesting, the majority of property damage claims came from wind and hail, something we are no strangers to here. (3) Certain tasks allow you to stay away from becoming one of those numbers: tending to your roof, making sure trees aren’t hanging over your house, and making sure you have a solid paint membrane surrounding your whole home.

Consider it as paying it forward against greater repairs down the line. Just as you wouldn’t go outside without a jacket, your house shouldn’t be without proper paint for long.

Winter is dangerous for your home in Medford, just as it is for you. Temperatures often drop below freezing point, and your home becomes vulnerable to various elements such as snowfall and ice. These can lead to cracks in your exterior walls, which then invite dreaded leaks into your beautiful home. However, when you apply a fresh coat of paint to these walls, you’re essentially sealing off possible points of entry for water. High-quality exterior paint creates a barrier between wall surfaces and the cold outdoors; it resists cracking under extreme temperature fluctuations, thereby minimizing opportunities for leaks.

As soon as you notice signs of peeling or chipped paintwork or any visible cracks on your walls, don’t hesitate! Act promptly by repainting those areas before they escalate into more costly repairs down the line due to unchecked water intrusion. If you don’t have a painter, give All American Trade Work a call. We live in town and can be right over to assess the damage and give you a quote.


You’re doing more than just adding color when you freshen up your home’s exterior paint; you’re also saving yourself from future headaches. Did you know that well-maintained exteriors can reduce repair costs by a whopping 25%? That’s one-quarter of potential expenses staying in your pocket!

So don’t underestimate the power of a good coat of paint. It’s an investment that not only enhances curb appeal but also shields your beloved home from Medford’s harsh winters. In addition to all these benefits, don’t forget that exterior painting can enhance your yard’s overall aesthetics, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy.

If you’d like an expert to come out to your home and give an assessment of your property, give All American Trade Work a call at (541) 601-3667 or check out our exterior painting service page to learn more: https://www.www.allamericantradework.com/service/residential-exerior-painting



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