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Are you tired of looking at the peeling paint on your home’s exterior? It may be time to freshen things up with some new paint colors. If you’re in Medford, then you’re in luck. Our professional exterior house painters are just what you need to give your home a stunning makeover that will be the talk of the neighborhood. We specialize in residential painting and offer top-notch exterior painting jobs and services that are second to none.

Don’t let those common exterior repairs get under your skin any longer. Our team of painting professionals is equipped to handle everything from minor touch-ups to full-blown repaints. Whether your siding needs a little TLC or your trim requires some attention, we have an efficient solution for every issue.

And don’t worry about quality; when it comes to professionalism and workmanship, we won’t disappoint!

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If you’re ready to transform your home or looking for a partner on a commercial project, don’t hesitate to contact our painting company today. We’re proud to serve the Medford area and are committed to delivering high-quality service and exceptional results every time we step onsite. Our house painting services encompass both the home exterior and the home interior. House painting costs are discussed during the consultation process.

What makes All American Trade Works the Best Exterior Painters?

Our Commitment to Excellence

Skilled Professionals

Our team of skilled painting contractors is trained to deliver superior service with outstanding results consistently. We frequently make or beat our painting estimate, and if we are tracking to be late, we add extra resources to help you with your goal. It’s the right thing to do, and that's why we do it. Labor cost is considered in our commitment to exceptional service.

Highest Quality Materials

All American Trade Work delivers superior service with outstanding results, consistently using high-grade paints and materials for our projects to guarantee they look fantastic for years. For some of the larger homes in Eagle View or Southeast Austin, we have been known to rent an apple picker to help us reach the highest portions of the wall. We also prioritize customer service to ensure satisfaction with our house painting services.

Strong Communication

We answer our phone, and we text back. We give a written quote for every painting estimate, detail precisely what is included, show up when we say we are going to, and do what we promise. These little things are the big things, and customer service is one of the practices that have made us successful in the painting business. Paint color is also an essential consideration in our services.

All American Trade Works

Southern Oregon's #1 Residential Exterior Painters!

All American Trade Work is proud to have worked on homes across Jackson County. We have painted homes and performed commercial painting tasks in downtown Medford, around Central Point and Four Corners, out in and around Jacksonville, and out by the Eagle Trace Subdivision. Our team is no stranger to working down near Phoenix OR or helping homeowners around Bear Creek Park and Fichtner-Mainwaring Park. If you have a painting project in 97501, 97502, or 97504 we will happily drive out to provide a complimentary estimate on your project.

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Answers to Your Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we certainly do! We’re committed to preserving the environment and offer eco-friendly paint options for exterior painting. These paints are low-VOC or VOC-free, reducing harmful emissions and maintaining air quality.

We’re happy to share references all around Medford. We’ve painted hundreds of homes in this area and you’ve undoubtedly seen our work. Yes, we can provide contacts from past clients in Medford who’ve experienced our top-notch services for exterior house painting firsthand.

Pressure washing is essential to remove dirt, mold, and loose paint. Follow manufacturer guidelines for the pressure washer, wear protective gear, and use a mildewcide solution if needed. Ensure the surface is fully dry before painting.