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July 2, 2024

How to Prepare your House for Painters

You’ve hired professional painters in Medford to come to your house and give it the makeover you’ve always wanted. But before the painters arrive with their brushes and buckets, you must take a few vital steps to prepare your home. By following these simple directions, you can guarantee that your house is fully ready for its transformation.

It’s time to declutter and take out furniture from the painting area. This will make it simpler for the painters to move around and safeguard your possessions from any unintentional spills or splashes. If your quote doesn’t include all the prep work, then it’s time to repair holes and make any essential repairs to create a flat surface for the paint. Your painters should always bring drop cloths and painter’s plastic to protect your floors and anything left behind.

Now that everything is in order, empty the painting area by removing curtains, wall hangings, and switch covers. This will give the painters an immaculate canvas to work on without any hindrances. Lastly, communication is essential! When your painters get there, be explicit about not just your color choice but also things that are extremely valuable to you, logistical issues, or anything that comes to mind so they can accommodate.

With these preparations completed, your painters can move efficiently from room to room, shortening the time your house is under construction and maximizing the chances for a fantastic paint job!

Decluttering and Removing Furniture

If painters are coming over soon, one of the best things you can do is remove anything that can get in the way of a painting team and their tools. You can’t just clean and assume your home is ready. Instead of only clearing countertops, tables, and shelves, get rid of any items that might disrupt the painting procedure. Put decorations, books, and personal possessions into designated boxes or move them to another room.

Afterward, remove large furniture pieces such as sofas, chairs, and tables to provide easy access to walls and ceilings. The ideal scene is to move them to a separate room (especially if you are having your ceiling painted), but if that is not possible, then put everything in the center of the room so your painters can cover them together with the painter’s plastic dropcloths. This will protect against any accidental paint splatters or damage that could occur during the painting process. Covering the remaining furniture individually with drop cloths or plastic sheets can provide extra protection.

If you have trouble moving the furniture or just cannot move it, then your painter should have budgeted time for that in your estimate and arrive with the right team to move the table in the right place.

Decluttering and removing furniture will create ample room for the painters to work efficiently while also protecting your belongings from any harm.

Patching Up Holes and Repairs

Not every painting quote includes repairing holes and cracks. Some are quoted for painting only, depending on the wishes of the homeowner. As a default, the quotes at All American Trade Work include prep work like holes in the wall, but that’s not true for everyone. Prior to painting, it’s essential to address any dings or repairs that may be necessary. Take a comprehensive overview of your house and spot any splits, dents, or nail openings in the walls. You may notice more than you thought once you’ve moved some furniture around.

If you are tackling this step yourself, here are a couple of basic steps you can follow to fill those holes. Eliminate any loose paint or fragments near the impaired region with a scraper and sander. For minor openings and splits, you can use spackling compound or putty knife to fill them in. Smoothly apply the mixture and let it dry thoroughly before sanding it down for a consistent finish.

For larger openings, you may need to use a patching kit that includes mesh tape and joint compound. Follow the directions on the kit carefully for the best results. When all repairs are done, make sure to clean up any dust or debris before the painters arrive.

Protecting Your Floors and Surfaces

When it comes to preserving your floors and surfaces, it’s remarkable to note that using the proper drop cloths can reduce the risk of paint drips by up to 80%. Standard old sheets will be okay at stopping the initial drip, but they can soak through and get to the furniture underneath. Canvas dropcloths will allow the paint drops to roll off and not absorb as readily as a cotton sheet would.

Before the painters arrive, make sure you guard all your floors with defensive materials such as canvas or plastic drop cloths. These will collect any unexpected spills or smudges and keep them from damaging your flooring. Remember to secure the drop cloths in place using masking tape or painter’s tape so they remain steady during the painting procedure. If you have furniture or other items in the room, consider moving them away from the walls or covering them with plastic sheets for extra protection.

Taking these straightforward precautions will help guarantee that your floors and surfaces stay intact while giving your house a fresh new look.

Clearing the Painting Area

Now that the furniture is gone, it’s time to remove all the little things that can slow down the painters. Start by removing all miniature decorations, such as photo frames and trinkets, from the walls or nearby tables.

We recommend keeping a plastic crate for each room if you have one so that the decorations can stay in the same room and go up in the same spot once the painting is done. Furthermore, remove any window treatments, like curtains or shades, that could hinder the painters’ access to the walls. One of the worst things is having curtains rub against a freshly painted wall and get ruined.

By clearing the painting area of anything that could get in the way and protecting your possessions, you’ll ensure a smooth and successful painting process.

Communication & Coordination with the Painters

Not every homeowner has the ability to perform a lot of the tasks in this article. All American Trade Works has helped a lot of seniors who simply don’t want to or can’t move furniture like they used to. The easiest way to guarantee a hassle-free painting experience is to let your painter know in advance about all the situations they may encounter. If they aren’t expecting to have to move furniture and then have to move it all, they may be undermanned, and it may delay the project.

From the first conversation with your painter, express precisely what you need in terms of color choices, preferred finishes, any particular places that need extra attention, and special requirements like moving furniture. Be open to advice from the painters, as they’re experienced and can provide valuable guidance.

Furthermore, construct a timeline for the project with them and do your best to allow them to work while they are there. So if you have dogs or kids, maybe that’s a good time to take them to visit family or on a trip. A painting job becomes much harder with little hands in the paint bucket!


Congratulations! You’ve completed all the necessary preparations for your painters to begin their work, focusing on transforming your home’s interior with a special emphasis on the bathroom walls. From tidying up the area, filling in any gaps, and protecting your floors and surfaces to ensuring the painting area is clear, you’ve taken the right steps to ensure a successful paint job throughout your entire home. Taking these steps now will save you a lot of trouble in the future and ensure a remarkable transformation of your interior. Great job!

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